Friday, September 29, 2006

Sink or swim

So, the house is bought, the plunge has been taken, and the sacred cow killed. I own a home. An old home. A 90 year old home. Damn. I am pretty stoked about it, but freaked out as well. It is a solid house and I really like it, but there is a lot to do before it will feel like I want it to. I need to chill out a bit and take things one step at a time.... baby steps, baby steps. For the first few days there was a great feeling of being completely overwhelmed by what needed to be done before CC and I move in. It was one of those crippling feelings of near impotence that makes you look at this magnitude of events and not have any clue of where to begin. So I freaked out. Then I just picked something and started doing it. Now, with the much appreciated help of family and friends, there is progress and the feelings of being overwhelmed are receding.
Ain't that just like life. We are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of life at times and we don't know where to even start to begin to deal with it all. There are issues all around and we feel we have to pick the right one to start with. I think maybe sometimes just doing something is the right thing. Nothing complicated. Just. Do. Something. Let God sort out the tangled web of life's issues.... that's his job right? Trust in him, acknowledge him in all our ways and he will make our paths STRAIGHT. Hell yeah. Not my job to straighten things out. My job is to keep God first and just do somethin'. Right now that somethin' is texturing walls and painting.And trying to support my lovely bride as she adjusts to a new life.
Not too difficult, right? Just foat along, swim a little and let the waves come.

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